AHHHHH!!!! I can finally announce the BEST NEWS EVER!! We actually found this out on Aunt Yun Yun’s birthday but I can finally make it public!! YOU ARE GOING TO BE BIG COUSINS!! Aunt Yun Yun and Uncle Jon are going to have a baby!! I am SO excited! Your first little cousin and my […]

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter, my little cuddle bunnies! I was super excited to enjoy this Easter with you girls! Looking back at photos from last Easter, I could not believe how much you have changed! I just have to post the video… look at how little you are! Your hair was so short, you didn’t talk at all! WOW, […]

Happy Valentines Day!!

Happy Valentines Day, Babies! We spent half the day yesterday and all day today preparing and celebrating Valentines Day! The way you say it is so cute! Yesterday, after a stop at the library and Target, we came home to make our gifts. We used each of your handprints (Molly was pink, Maddy was purple) […]