I can finally announce the BEST NEWS EVER!! We actually found this out on Aunt Yun Yun’s birthday but I can finally make it public!!


Aunt Yun Yun and Uncle Jon are going to have a baby!! I am SO excited! Your first little cousin and my first time being an aunt!


So, here is how it all went down. On your birthday, Lauren told us that one of your gifts were back ordered and that she would just have to give it to you on her birthday a few weeks later. We didn’t think anything of it. So, Lauren’s birthday rolled around and we all went to her new house to celebrate.


When it became time for her to open presents, she said you could open yours first. You sat on her lap and she gave you each a bag. You first pulled our a colorful hair clip, then a shirt. Lauren told you guys to turn the shirt around so we could see it. In big colorful letters, it read “BIG COUSIN”. We all read it.. big cousin… I had to think for a minute… BIG COUSIN?! What?! I was in SHOCK!! I still can’t even believe it!

In the weeks since, we talk about Lauren’s baby all the time.  She doesn’t know if it is a boy or a girl yet, but I do- I know it is a boy! Well, I just really think so. If it is a boy, she will name him Jackson. So, we have already been out buying boy things and we talk about “baby Jackson” all the time. If it turns out to be a girl, I think you guys will be very confused! And I will have some returning to do! 🙂 Almost everyday, you come up to me with one of your toys and tell me you are going to give it to baby Jackson. You guys will be the best big cousins! You are so excited to change his diapers and feed him bottles, but you know he can’t come out yet because he is too small. So, we will patiently wait until October 31st. The baby’s due date is Halloween! SO EXCITING!!!

A big congratulations to Lauren and Jon!

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