Your Happy Birthday Song

Dear Molly and Maddy,

Aunt Mimi videotaped us singing happy birthday to you on Saturday! You guys were so funny- you usually LOVE singing happy birthday! That day, I guess we were too loud? You guys covered your ears as soon as we started singing. But… the funniest part, is how identically your hands moved.

People often ask me questions about you being identical twins. Do they sleep at the same time? Wake up at the same time? Do they say the same things? Do they eat at the same time? Did they walk at the same time? You get it. The truth is, a lot of times you do things at the same time. But, that’s probably likely due to our schedule… we eat together at the same time, you go to bed at the same time. Because we eat and drink at the same time, you usually have to go potty at the same time… it’s not some freaky twin thing.. it’s just our schedule. But- this was kinda funny. You sure do look like identical twins here!

Watch quickly and keep an eye on your hands; it happens in the first few seconds!

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