Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter, my little cuddle bunnies!

I was super excited to enjoy this Easter with you girls! Looking back at photos from last Easter, I could not believe how much you have changed! I just have to post the video… look at how little you are! Your hair was so short, you didn’t talk at all! WOW, how much can change in a year!

This year was a ton of fun! We went to the mall with Nana and tried to visit the Easter bunny. You had been watching “Peter Rabbit” on TV for a month, I pumped you up the whole way there, you were super excited… and then you freaked out! You refused to get out of the stroller and wanted nothing to do with him! This was the closest we could get to an Easter picture this year:

486409_10100862521512074_1267763580_nAnyways… a few days before Easter, Maddy got sick! Fever and coughing for days. You weren’t feeling so hot, but you were a trooper! Luckily, by the weekend, you were much better.

The festivities started on Saturday night when we dyed Easter eggs. It was MESSY! I think we probably would have been better off with markers or finger paint this year… oh well! We had fun!

After we dyed the eggs, Molly took the bowl and walked ever so carefully to set them down by the front door. You guys figured the Easter bunny would see it better there. As soon as she got to the door and slowly put them down…. PLOP!… the whole bowl of eggs spilled! Daddy helped you put them all back in!


Sunday morning, you woke up to lots of surprises! First, we came down the stairs and found your Easter baskets! To be honest, they weren’t overly excited- new pair of shorts, a shirt, candy, and sidewalk chalk. I knew you were going to be spoiled through out the day… so I kept it simple! After checking out the baskets (which were really Dora buckets), you were off! The Easter egg hunt was a lot of fun! You girls were really fast at finding them all! To our surprise, the Easter bunny also hid eggs all over our front yard, too! So, we bundled up and went outside to collect them all! I’ll post the videos tomorrow!

After the fun morning, we headed over to Bubba and Didi’s for brunch. It was very yummy! Of course, the Easter bunny had come to their house for you too! He left baskets full of summer sandals, cowboy hats, and candy! And… Google didn’t forget you either! She got you a super soft kitty stuffed animal and (even more) candy!

After Didi’s, we were off to Nana’s… where you were bombard with EVEN MORE Easter presents! Nick, JoJo, Nana, YunYun, Gaga and Pop Pop all brought you Easter surprises!! Barbies, baby dolls, clothes, Pandora charms, Vera Bradley bags, animals, bubble machines… It was like your birthday!! Sixteen Easter baskets!! Some people might call you spoiled, but I say you are just LOVED!!

Enjoy a gallery of pictures from Easter Sunday here:

(I’ll post in the morning!)


Happy Easter, girls!! Love you so much!



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