Sunday Adventure!

Dear Molly and Maddy, Sunday we had so much fun! We woke up with no plan in mind… But, we certainly found plenty to do! We started off with a visit to DiDi and Bubba’s house. They recently gave their whole backyard a makeover so we wanted to go see it. It looks great! We […]

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter, my little cuddle bunnies! I was super excited to enjoy this Easter with you girls! Looking back at photos from last Easter, I couldĀ notĀ believe how much you have changed! I just have to post the video… look at how little you are! Your hair was so short, you didn’t talk at all! WOW, […]

Lazy Sunday!

Hi girlies! So, there seems to be a growing trend in our house this winter: lazy Sunday’s!! After a busy week and usually something to do on Saturday, your dad loves nothing more than being lazy all day Sunday, watching cartoons and eating lots of food. And you seem to enjoy it too! Today was […]