Miss Heidi’s Gender Reveal Party!

Oh my gosh! A week or so ago, we went to a Gender Reveal Party! Our neighbor, Miss Heidi, is pregnant with her third baby. We play with Heidi, Ryan, and Brad a lot! At this party, we were asked to wear pink if we thought the baby would be a girl, and blue if we thought it was a boy. I explained the concept to you guys and you picked your colors! Maddy- you picked pink and thought it was a girl. Molly- you picked blue and REALLY wanted it to be a boy! Molly, I happened to think she was going to have another boy too… so Maddy was the odd man out!

When we got to the party, the house was decorated so cute! Blue and pink all over! So many kids to play with, so much food and such an excitement in the air. When the time finally came for the big reveal, we were all ushered outside. Miss Heidi, Mr Brandon, Ryan and Brad all gathered around a huge box, with all their friends and family huddled nearby. Together, they opened the box and out came barreling a bunch of balloons….


Can you tell from your reactions what we saw?!

PINK BALLOONS!! They are having a girl!! We had a great time at the party and are so excited for our neighbors! And now you keep asking me to go back to Heidi’s to party!

Love you!


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