PreSchool AllStars!

Wow, well September just came to and end…. which means your first official month as a pre-schooler is over! I was so worried about how you would do. I thought you would cry and not want to go. I literally felt sick the night before your first day. But, guess what? On your first day, you both literally gave me and Daddy a hug and kiss and said “bye!” and that was it! On the second day, you did the same. And now guess what? You still haven’t cried! I guess it is safe to say that you girls are big now! You are so big and so brave and I am so proud of how well you are doing with school! You are learning new things, and you really enjoy going!

During the first week of pre-school, Molly brought home the “share bag”. The share bag is basically like show and tell, but you put your item in the bag and write 3 clues on the outside. Your classmates have to try and guess what it is! Here were Molly’s clues:

1. He lives on Pride Rock.

2. His dad’s name is Mufasa and his uncle is Scar.

3. He just can’t wait to be king!

Clearly, Simba was in the bag!! 🙂 Molly, you came up with those clues all by yourself! I think you did such a great job! Your teacher was even so impressed that you had them memorized! Usually, they encourage the kids in 4 year old preschool to do that, but I guess you are ahead of the game! Later that week, you also got to be the “star of the class”! This means you wore a big yellow star with your name on it, you got to turn on the “Jesus light” and pick the song that you sang that day. You were pretty proud of being awarded the star!

The following week, it was Maddy’s turn to bring the share bag! Maddy, you also came up with your own clues with no help from me! You did a fantastic job!

1. She lives in a big tower.

2. She has big green eyes and looonnnggg blonde hair.

3. Her best friend is a chameleon named Pascal.

It was RAPUNZEL!! Lots of girls in your class guessed that one! She’s like the coolest Disney princess these days! I was glad you got to do the share bag so soon after Molly because while we were getting Molly’s share bag ready, I could tell you were feeling very left out! While I felt bad you were sad, it was nice to see that Molly noticed too and asked you to help her! And I really like that you guys are getting a sense of individualism in school.

All and all, you girls are total pre-school rockstars!! You really look forward to it and are learning so much! You guys are making me proud! Now, Mommy just needs to learn to get the house picked up before  I drop you off at school so maybe I could actually be more productive with my free time. Oh, and I have to admit, even though it seems like it would be nice to have a couple hours to myself- all I do is go home, clean up the house, and miss you! 🙂






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