Summer Has Arrived!

Girls! Summer has arrived and I am SO excited!! This year, I decided to join The Sports Club. I grew up spending my middle and high school summers there. I have been waiting to take you there and, finally, I thought you were old enough to enjoy it. So, we are official members! With this […]

Twin Time

Girlies, In the last week, you guys have played together so nicely! Quietly together on your rooms or playroom, you have occupied each other for hours! I am always nervous when it gets too quiet… In fear that you are destroying something! But lately, you have been so good! I was just able to do […]

So Similar, yet SO Opposite!

You girls just crack me up! Sometimes you are SO similar… You always want the same toy at the same time (ugh!), you look very similar (most people can’t tell you apart!), you typically want to do the same things… But sometimes, you guys are just so opposite! Take this for example… Molly, your current […]

In Response To Albert…

A week or so ago, I came across an article online written by a man who is expecting twins with his wife. The article has gone viral in the twin community, frankly, because of how disturbing it is. This man (who is going by the ghost name “Albert”) is “pissed” to be having twins. He […]