October 2013

Dear Molly and Maddy,

It looks like I stopped posting around October of 2013. That month was SUCH a special month! On October 4th, we celebrated the soon-to-be arrival of your little cousin, Baby Jackson! It was the first baby shower you went to, and you had a really fun time trying out all of baby Jack’s new gear! We were so excited for his arrival!



You guys are still doing amazing at preschool and I just can’t believe how big you are getting. Everyday I drop you off, we hang up your coat by your name tag, we walk into the classroom, you pick your name off of the table and place it in the box, and then we give each other lots of hugs and kisses before you join your class to play!



And then… the most amazing thing happened. YOU BECAME BIG COUSINS!! On October 29, 2013, Baby Jackson was born!



He was perfect and you could not have been anymore in LOVE with him! You were the best big cousins from the very start!






We are so blessed! I love you!



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