Happy Valentines Day!!

Happy Valentines Day, Babies!

We spent half the day yesterday and all day today preparing and celebrating Valentines Day! The way you say it is so cute! Yesterday, after a stop at the library and Target, we came home to make our gifts. We used each of your handprints (Molly was pink, Maddy was purple) to make a heart. We wrote a cute little poem, framed it and gave them to some of the most special people in our lives: Nana, Gaga and Pop Pop, Lauren and Jon, JoJo, Bubba and Didi and Google. Today, we woke up and hit the streets; hand delivering them! We stopped at Nana’s first, where she also had a gift waiting for you and Nick gave you each a rose. We then went over to Gaga’s, and she had a gift for you too! We ran to the grocery store, home to make dinner, get Daddy’s presents ready,  and make him cupcakes. When Daddy walked in the door from work, he came with his arms full of flowers and balloons for his three ladies! After dinner, Bubba and DiDi came over to give you yet another Valentines present! You girls sure are spoiled! We didn’t have time to go out to Lauren’s so we made plans to go there on Sunday! And we have a few other gifts to stick in the mail! Maybe we’ll make a stop to the post office tomorrow!

We had a lot of fun making our Valentines and seeing everyone today! You girls are just getting more fun by the minute! You two are the best Valentines anyone could ever ask for! I love you more than anything! Happy Valentines Day!

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