First of all, I have to say I just cannot  believe you are 3 years old! I swear you were just little babies yesterday! In a blink of an eye, you girls have turned from little preemie babies, to beautiful, smart and funny little girls! In the last year, so much has changed! You moved into your new house, you made lots of new friends, your speech has just taken off, you became potty trained, you moved from cribs to toddler beds to big girl beds, your hair has doubled in length and have become the funniest people I have ever met! I love you more than I can even put into words!

We started off celebrating your birthday last night! Your daddy stayed home to paint Maddy’s room (pink!) so I thought we’d get out of his way and go out to dinner. We just ran up to Applebee’s where Mimi and her boyfriend Tyler met up with us. You guys love being “out on the town”. You were so giddy and hyper and really silly. A couple times I had to quiet you guys down and threaten to “go home if you don’t sit on your butts”… but for the most part, we had a blast! You both wanted cheeseburgers and at the end of the meal, all the waitresses came over to sing you happy birthday! You covered your ears the whole time and weren’t sure what to make of it, but you sure enjoyed your free ice cream 🙂

Today was the real party! Everyone came over at 3:30 and we played, laughed, had pizza and cake. You got way too many presents!! You have a whole new spring/summer wardrobe- 10 new pairs of pants, countless shirts, 2 new bathing suits, beach towels, cover ups, 2 pairs of shoes, a new coat… each! You also got some new Pandora charms (you are the only 3 year olds with Pandora bracelets I know! Even the guy at the Pandora store thought I was crazy), some new games (you freaked out everytime the “Pop the Pig” game commercial came on TV) and Daddy and I got you Leap Pads (but we call them iPads 🙂 )…. there are still more presents to come! S-P-O-I-L-E-D!!


Before bed, you guys wanted to look at all your baby pictures. So, all four of us climbed on Maddy’s bed and looked through all your NICU and newborn pictures. You kept saying “aww, so cute!”. And you’re right- you were the cutest babies ever! And I guess all the present opening must have worn you guys out… because you were passed out in 5 minutes tonight! You each have your own room with full sized beds, but most nights you prefer to sleep like this… cuddled up on the pillow in the same bed! I love you guys!


I hope you guys enjoyed your birthday as much as I did. Oh, I forgot to mention… we talked all week about you guys turning 3 until, Maddy, you informed me that you wanted to be 14! The rest of the week was a big joke about you being 14. Every time I would say, “no, 3!”, you would say “no, mommy! 14! abba cadaba 14! see!” haha… you guys are crazy!

And no matter if you are 3 or 14, you will still be my babies! I love you girlies! Happy birthday!!



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