Hi, babes!
We just got home from Kensington! You love going there! Uncle Nick came with us. We have been going there a lot lately because there is so much to do!
First, we went to the farm. We got there just as a liter of piglets were being born. They were super cute! Molly, you love the baby goats. You yell at them to come over to you so you can hug and kiss them. Mandy, you enjoy them too. Your other favorite animal is Noel, the cow that was born on December 6th. She eats hay right out of your hand and you couldn’t believe how hard and “scratchy” her tongue is. The horses there are also beautiful!
After our farm visit, we had lunch at a picnic table, went to a park and took a little walk down to the beach. The beach/water park opens next weekend and you can’t wait to go! Maddy, in the car you kept saying “abba dabba next weekend already!”. Too bad your magic spells don’t really work… We’ll have to wait til next weekend! 🙂
Nick just left to get a haircut and we are cuddled up on the couch watching some Bubble Guppies. Mommy really needs to clean up this house and do some laundry but you keep saying “Mommy! Cuddle all day!” … it’s making it awfully hard to want to do any laundry! 🙂









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