Waiting on the Wind

Hi, girls!

One of the gifts we got Nana for her birthday were kites! They were really for you- but we thought Nana would enjoy teaching you girls to fly kites and he certainly has the perfect yard for it! Since then, we have been waiting on the perfect day to fly them. It seemed there was never any wind on the nice, non-rainy days. Finally, yesterday, we were given perfect kite flying weather! It was beautiful out- seventy some degrees with a slight breeze. So, we took your kites out in the field for your first kite flying experience ever! And you guys did great! It was tiring though…. After about twenty minutes, you were so worn out from running up and down the hills, we had to go in for some lunch! 🙂







We spent most of the day hanging out at Nana’s yesterday. I was struggling a bit from allergies but we still had fun! Today, we went to school, came home for lunch, had some friends over on our swing set, hung out at Gaga’s and then went to the ball fields! Pop pop, Adam, nick, JoJo, Jon, Emily and some friends all play on a softball team together. You love coming up to watch! Another fun couple of summer days in the books. Tomorrow, I think we’ll head to the farm and have a picnic. I love our life! And I love you!


2 thoughts on “Waiting on the Wind

    • My grandmas yard is awesome! A huge backyard that leads to this big open field, with a creek at the back. We’ve spent many days on the bridge throwing rocks into the creek, feeding ducks, and running up and down these hills! 🙂

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