First Pony Ride!

Dear Molly and Maddy,
This was SO exciting!! On Sunday, I heard about a place near our house called Carousel Acres that was having an open house. We decided to check it out. Not only did they have a petting zoo and lots of animals, but they had pony rides! As soon as I told you where we were going, you ran to get your cowboy boots! (Uncle Nick got them for you in Nashville!) You were so excited to finally “rida horsey”… And I was probably even more excited for you! The whole way there you got even more pumped up. I had a feeling you would get nervous and maybe be too afraid to get on the pony once we got there…. But, boy, was I wrong! Molly, you were so excited to go first. You got right on and went for a long ride! You even let go of one hand from the saddle to wave to us. Maddy rode next and was a bit more timid but, I could tell, very proud of yourself. I was so proud of you guys and had so much fun! Afterwards, we headed home… It was a hot 90 degrees that day! Despite the scorching temps, you were the cutest cowgirls I have ever seen!









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