May 10, 2013

Hi loves! Yesterday was Uncle Adam’s 21st birthday! Lauren played a night out to the Tigers game so you guys got to have a sleepover at Bubba’s! I don’t have any pictures from your sleepover with Bubba and Didi, but I heard you had a blast! You guys made your own homemade pizza for dinner […]

May 9th

Dear Molly and Maddy, Every Thursday morning we go to “school”. School is speech therapy. We have been involved in speech therapy for about a year now, when I noticed you were slightly behind in your speech development. The progress you have made has been phenomenal! You really enjoy going and your teacher, Miss Sarah, […]

First Time at the Dentist!

Dear Molly and Maddy, You guys are SO terrified of doctors, construction workers, hair stylists… basically, anyone you don’t know, especially someone who either comes into your house or touches you. So, I thought it might be a good opportunity to take you with me to my dentist appointment. You guys will be going to […]

Best Friends

How cute are you guys?! A few months ago, I asked you who your best friend was. You both responded with, “umm…” and looked at me for the answer. I explained to you what a best friend meant. From then on, you have told each other that you were best friends probably 10 times a […]