Summer Has Arrived!


Summer has arrived and I am SO excited!! This year, I decided to join The Sports Club. I grew up spending my middle and high school summers there. I have been waiting to take you there and, finally, I thought you were old enough to enjoy it. So, we are official members! With this nice weather we have been having, the pool opened a week early. We have been there everyday so far! You guys LOVE it! I am so excited for this summer… SO excited! We are going to have the best summer ever!


When I got home and saw this picture, t reminded me of a picture we had from two summers ago. When I dug it out, I couldn’t believe how much you have grown up! It’s kind of sad…. You guys are seriously growing way too fast. Please stay my babies for awhile loner!


Anyways… We have a summer filled of the pool, the beach, parks, family and major fun! Rough life we live! I cannot even explain how much I am looking forward to this summer and how many amazing memories we will make together! Love you!


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