Big Girl Haircuts!

Ah, how did I forget to post these photos?! Last week you guys got a haircut! Like a real, big girl haircut!! Technically, it’s not your first- you had a tiny, tiny trim a year ago. But this was the first real haircut. I was SO nervous. I love long hair and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get yours cut! But, Gaga kept nudging me to do it, an Daddy agreed… So we did it.
We checked out a new place that my friend Sarah opened up. Gaga met us up there (for back up, in case you chickened out 🙂 ). It’s called Trimendous Hair Care and it’s just for kids! You guys got to sit in cars, watch Dora and got lots if prizes when you left. Maddy, you did great- not scared at all! Molly, when it was your turn you kept telling me you weren’t ready yet… “soon”… But I made you do it anyway! You sat on my lap for your haircut and made it through just fine. And you guys look SO CUTE! I love your haircuts! And so do you! We had to make the rounds- we went straight to Daddy’s work to show him then to Nana’s. You were quite proud of your new ‘do!


Love you, pretty girls!

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