Mother’s Day 2013!

Hi, loves!

Today was a wonderful day! Even though I am a bit under the weather, I had a perfect Mother’s Day! You two let me sleep in a little bit (thanks, Daddy!) and when I came downstairs you guys have me my Mother’s Day present… My first homemade present ever!!


We make lots of homemade presents for people… But no one has ever helped you make one for me! So, I was super excited that Daddy thought to do a special project with you in honor of me. Last night, I ran to the mall and you guys secretly got your painting on…. And you did a beautiful job! Molly, you had Daddy help you draw a heart for me; Maddy, you wanted a sunshine!

Afterwards, Daddy made us a yummy French toast breakfast, then we cuddled on the couch for a bit and then we headed to Nana’s for a celebration with the whole family! We gave Lauren her first Mother’s Day gift too!

I love you girls so much and am honored you chose me to be your mommy. Words really can’t describe how much joy you bring to me. Thank you for the beautiful flower pots. They are the best present ever!


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