How I Woke Up This Morning

Dear Molly and Maddy, I thought I would share with you how I was woken up this morning. A couple of hours ago, I was awoken by Molly, an inch from my face, telling me to button her pants. I opened my eyes to see Molly had gotten dressed- shirt, jeans, socks, shoes- all by […]

Twin Time

Girlies, In the last week, you guys have played together so nicely! Quietly together on your rooms or playroom, you have occupied each other for hours! I am always nervous when it gets too quiet… In fear that you are destroying something! But lately, you have been so good! I was just able to do […]

First Time at the Dentist!

Dear Molly and Maddy, You guys are SO terrified of doctors, construction workers, hair stylists… basically, anyone you don’t know, especially someone who either comes into your house or touches you. So, I thought it might be a good opportunity to take you with me to my dentist appointment. You guys will be going to […]

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter, my little cuddle bunnies! I was super excited to enjoy this Easter with you girls! Looking back at photos from last Easter, I couldĀ notĀ believe how much you have changed! I just have to post the video… look at how little you are! Your hair was so short, you didn’t talk at all! WOW, […]