First Time at the Dentist!

Dear Molly and Maddy,

You guys are SO terrified of doctors, construction workers, hair stylists… basically, anyone you don’t know, especially someone who either comes into your house or touches you. So, I thought it might be a good opportunity to take you with me to my dentist appointment. You guys will be going to your own first dentist appointment soon, so I wanted you to at least get familiar (and maybe even comfortable) with what a dentist’s office looks like and what they do.

So, you guys tagged along with me. The whole way there we talked about the dentist. You were all excited and you were certain the dentist would give you a new toothbrush. Maddy wanted a pink one; Molly, purple…. surprise, surprise! You kept saying, “me no scared!” the whole way there.

Then, we pulled into the parking lot. Molly said, “me no go…. soon.” Soon is your way of trying to trick me into not making you do something. Really, you have no intention in ever doing it! Sorry Molly, you didn’t have a choice this time! Mommy was 5 minutes late for her appointment!

We walked in and you immediately covered your mouths with both of your hands. Instantly. At the same time. You guys looked like twins or something 🙂 I was taken back right away and you guys were terrified. You both sat in the corner, on the floor, covering your mouths. You watched as the dentist began to clean my teeth- slightly intrigued, but still very protective of your own mouths. What happened a few minutes later shocked me.


One of the hygienists came into the room and asked if you wanted to go for a ride in one of the chairs. You guys eagerly followed her! I couldn’t believe it. Throughout the rest of my teeth cleaning, I heard your laughter and giggles and “me turn!!” in the room next to me. You guys went up and down on the chair, played dentist, tried on gloves, “worked” on each other’s teeth, you even let the woman look in your teeth! You left with goodie bags full of tooth brushes, big girl tooth paste, and toys. And guess what? You can’t wait to go back!!

I still can’t believe how good you did but, boy, am I glad we did that! Maybe your first real dentist appointment won’t be so bad after all!

Love you girlies!


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