First Sleepover!

Big girls!

On Saturday, you had your first sleepover with friends! Kay and Gracie live next door to Nana and you LOVE playing with them! They are a little bit older than you- 5 and 9 years old- but they love you guys just as much! Last summer, there were many late nights of you guys up literally crying to go to Kay’s house to play! Anyways, Kay and Gracie’s mom needed a babysitter for a few hours on Saturday so I offered to have them spend the night!

Your reaction was priceless! We were driving in the car and I said, “hey girls, would you like Kay and Gracie to come over and spend the night?”

“YEAH!!!!! ME WUB KAY!!!”

You immediately started telling me all the things you would do. “Watch movie! Make popcorn! Make cookies! Make hot chocolate!” You decided who would sleep where and for the next few days you asked me constantly if it was Saturday.

Finally, Saturday rolled around. We went to Gaga’s house to see Aunt Sammi off to Prom and then headed home to meet Kay and Gracie! When they pulled up in our driveway, I could hear Kay screaming with excitement before she even opened the door. Your reaction was the name!

We spent the evening playing outside on our swingset, on all of our neighbors swingsets, playing with toys and dolls and play dough, eating a yummy BBQ dinner, watching a Tinkerbell movie in Molly’s bed eating popcorn, and watching Barbie and the Princess Pauper downstairs with more snacks.

Now, on a normal night you go to bed at 7:30pm. On the dot. This night, you were up til 10:30 and finally you were getting crabby and exhausted. You were so tired, you didn’t even put up a fight when I said you had to go upstairs. You both feel asleep rather quickly! The next morning came way too soon- all four of you girls were up at 7:30am! Daddy made us all a big breakfast- cheesey eggs and french toast and strawberries- and we played outside til Kay and Gracie’s mom picked them up.

We had a lot of fun and I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to get you girls in bed! I was thinking, well, I guess we could do that again! That was until I experienced Sunday and Monday! Ugh! We are still playing for staying up so late… I’m hoping a good night’s sleep will turn you back into my angels and not these crabby, sassy girls I’ve had the last two days! Haha 🙂


Nevertheless, I’m so glad you guys had fun and got to enjoy your first big girl sleepover!!

Love you!

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