May 9th

Dear Molly and Maddy,

Every Thursday morning we go to “school”. School is speech therapy. We have been involved in speech therapy for about a year now, when I noticed you were slightly behind in your speech development. The progress you have made has been phenomenal! You really enjoy going and your teacher, Miss Sarah, is so nice!
Today, we decided to have a picnic at the park after school. We packed peanut butter and jellies (one of your favorites right now!) and some snacks. Our friends, Carley and her baby sister Sammi, met us there. If you guys could go to the park every day, you would! And lately we have been going almost everyday! We LOVE summer!!


At one point, I found Molly just hanging out in a tunnel. When I asked what you were doing, your response was “hida from the boys!” I’m sure Daddy would be happy to know you weren’t interested in any of the boys on the playground! Haha


Love you!

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