Lazy Sunday!

Hi girlies!

So, there seems to be a growing trend in our house this winter: lazy Sunday’s!! After a busy week and usually something to do on Saturday, your dad loves nothing more than being lazy all day Sunday, watching cartoons and eating lots of food. And you seem to enjoy it too! Today was a great day to do it because you had all your birthday presents to play with! Half the morning was spent on your new Leap Pads (which you call your “iPads”). You actually learned how to use them pretty quickly! ‘Cause you’re so smart šŸ™‚



We did make a quick trip to Target and to pick up a TV Gaga let us have for Maddy’s room. Mommy spent some time tucked away in her room writing a paper and Daddy BBQ’d dinner for us- you LOVE BBQ- but aside from that, we enjoyed not doing a whole lot! That’s the way Sunday’s should be! šŸ™‚

Oh, and both of your big girl rooms are finally complete! Curtains are hung, pictures are hung, walls are painted, new furniture is in, TV/DVD player for each of you to watch your movies before bed… you girls are all set! (I’ll try to post some pictures of your rooms tomorrow!) But anyways… I was telling you today that now you guys could decide each night if you wanted to sleep together in Maddy’s room, together in Molly’s room, or each in your own room- then you could pick out your own movie and you wouldn’t bump into each other at night at wake up. There was no thought involved in your decision. It came quickly:

Molly: Together!! Me sissy’s girl!
Maddy: Yeah! Me Molly’s girl! Great idea!

Love you, pumpkins! šŸ™‚

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