Sunday Adventure!

Dear Molly and Maddy,

Sunday we had so much fun! We woke up with no plan in mind… But, we certainly found plenty to do!
We started off with a visit to DiDi and Bubba’s house. They recently gave their whole backyard a makeover so we wanted to go see it. It looks great! We stayed and played for a little bit. Mommy and Daddy were super hungry so we wanted to go to lunch.. But you wanted to stay! So, we ran to Penn Station while you had lunch at Bubba’s. When we got back, Molly, you started talking about an adventure. (You were wearing Dora’s backpack so you were ready to explore, I guess!) After some discussion, you told me that you wanted to go on an adventure to Diego’s house and that you knew how to get there. We had to go over a bridge, up a hill, then we would find Diego’s house. (Diego is Dora’s cousin on the show and has also been claimed as Maddy’s boyfriend.) This sounded like a perfect opportunity to run with your imagination. I thought of the perfect place to go to make your adventure come to life! So, in the car we went!
In downtown Northville, there is a place called the Mill Race Village. It’s a little village of very old, restored homes and buildings. When we pulled up, you saw a bridge and squealed with excitement! And the adventure began! We crossed the bridge and began our search for Diego’s house!
What I didn’t realize is that on Sunday’s, the Mill Race actually has people dressed up as old fashioned people who give yours of the buildings. It made our adventure even better! We went through the houses, the church and the school house. The woman even let you try on old fashioned school girl clothes and write on their wooden tablets! It was a blast!
On our way out, Gaga called and wanted to take you to the pool! So, we dropped you girls off there with Gaga and Pop Pop while Daddy and I went grocery shopping. At the grocery store, I found water balloons and squirt guns! Of course, I had to buy them! While I waited for Gaga to drop you off, I filled up 250 water balloons and invited your friends over for a water balloon fight! It was quite a surprise for you to come home too and so much fun! It was the perfect way to end a perfect Sunday! All the adventure helped you fall quickly to sleep after the water fight!

Hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as I did!

Love you!











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