Weekend Recap!

Dear Molly and Maddy,

We had such a FUN weekend! On Friday, we went to one of Aunt Mimi’s softball games. She was playing in a tournament this weekend. You enjoyed some lunch on the bleachers as we watched her team win! Afterwards, we took off to the pool. Gaga and Pop Pop met us there and we had so much fun in the sun! In fact we had so much fun, you guys were out cold one minute into the five minute drive home!









On Saturday, we headed back to the softball fields to watch another one of Mimi’s games. And to our surprise, Aunt Lauren and Uncle Jon were waiting there with a bunch of pink and blue balloons- the time finally came for us to find out if she was having a boy or a girl!! As we all gathered on a hilltop, Lauren and Jon stood in front of us each holding a bunch of balloons. We counted down and watched as Lauren let go of the pink balloons, leaving the blue ones in hand… she is having a BOY!! We were all so excited to finally know- except for you, Maddy! You wanted a girl so bad, you immediately started crying! It’s been a few days now and you still haven’t quite come to terms with it. But, you will. I am SO excited for Lauren and Jon and can’t wait to meet baby Jackson! You girls will be such good big cousins!



On Saturday night, we packed up and headed to Kensington where they had a huge fireworks show! You girls got to stay up super late and really enjoyed the fireworks! We had a blast! Pictures to come soon! Oh, and while we waited for the fireworks to start- you got to feel baby Jackson kick for the first time!!




Today, Sunday, we celebrated Father’s Day with a BBQ and a trip to get some ice cream. It was a great end to a wonderful weekend. We had so much fun and I can’t wait for another fun week ahead!

Love you!


Happy Father’s Day!

Dear Molly and Maddy,

Today was Father’s Day! I am so lucky to have one of the best dads in the world- your Pop Pop! Words really can’t describe what an amazing dad he is! And, you are just as lucky, as you have a dad who loves you more than anything in the world, too.


Today, we gave Daddy homemade cards and a present he has been eyeing- something for his workbench in the garage. I think he liked it! Then, Bubba, Didi and Google came over for a BBQ. After dinner, we went out to Menchie’s for ice cream! We had a great day and the weather couldn’t have been better!




I hope Daddy enjoyed his day today. He deserves more than just a day though- he is such a good daddy to you and loves you so much!

And I love you, too!



Pool Parties, Pizza and Parks!

Dear Molly and Maddy,

What a day! I got next to no sleep last night and it is finally hitting me… hard! But, it didn’t stop us from having a great day!

We started off with a visit from our friends- Ms Carmen, Carley and and Sammi. They were in the area and stopped by to say hi. We invited them to come with us to a party- a first annual End of the School Year Party for our subdivision. We were really looking forward to it, and it turned out to be way bigger than I was expecting! Our sub is going up so fast that it feels like there are new kids moving in everyday! We met new neighbors, had hotdogs and lemonade and popsicles and brownies and fruit, played with water balloons, jumped in the bounce house, and just ran around like a bunch of crazy three year olds! We were having a great time until you both were gathered around a water table playing with toy sharks. A little boy walked up with a water gun and squirted you guys. He was probably only two or so, he didn’t know any better… he was just watching the big kids have a water gun fight and thought it was fun. Well, Molly- you didn’t think it was so much fun. Despite the fact that you were wearing a bathing suit, you weren’t enjoying getting splashed/squirted. I didn’t really blame you; it was kind of frustrating. After getting visibly irritated a few times, you finally had at him!


I could tell you were getting mad at him, but I wanted to see you you would react on your own. I watched as you backed away from him each time he would splash you. I watched the few dirty looks you gave him. You were being pretty tolerant, which I thought that was good. But, enough was enough and you finally stood up for you and your sister. When I watched as you told, well more like demanded, this little boy stop squirting you with the water gun, it actually made me smile. I like that you have the courage to stand up for yourself, I love that you aren’t afraid of boys or other children your age, and I was proud that you used your words to communicate how you felt. Granted, you probably didn’t have to be so loud or have such an attitude (which we will continue to work on)… but, I now know that the chances of you being bullied in school is slim to none. I’m not sure what’s happening, but your attitude… your attitude and sassiness is growing by the minute! You have such a strong personality that I can’t help but to laugh sometimes- the looks on your face, the hands on your hips, the way you know exactly what you want and don’t want- I don’t even know what to say half the time. I just love seeing your personalities develop, I am intrigued at how different your personalities are, and I just have so much FUN with you! But, we have to make sure to nip the bossy thing in the butt!



After the party, we went home to pick up the house. We ended up ordering pizza for dinner and eating outside on our new patio. I love being able to eat outside now! When we finished, Daddy was still cutting the grass, so I offered to take you guys to the park until bedtime. Of course, you JUMPED at the opportunity!! We went to local elementary school and had a blast playing make believe bus drivers, doctors, dinosaurs and sharks on the playground!

1010953_10100974210436574_1880433192_n 969065_10100974211110224_147215554_n

And guess what?! Gaga surprised you and met you there! It was a lot of fun! Except when, on the drive home, you realized Gaga was not coming to our house and you so-dramatically bawled your eyes out the entire way home! Like, SO dramatically! Geez. We’ll see her tomorrow, I promise… 🙂

photo-4 copy 4

Our busy day certainly tired you out. You literally fell asleep within two minutes of hitting your sheets tonight! Tomorrow, we plan on going to Aunt Mimi’s softball tournament, getting in a few hours at the pool, and getting/making Dad’s Father’s Day Gift! And lot’s of fun planned for the weekend! Can’t wait!

Alright, I’m calling this a day! Good night, girlies! Love you! SO MUCH!

Growing Up

Dear Molly and Maddy,

It’s 1:05am and I just watched the craziest storm outside. Rain, lightening, thunder, hail, wind… It was the craziest storm I have seen in awhile.
The last storm I remember like this, your Daddy and I were living in Plymouth and you weren’t here yet. I remember sitting on the rocking chairs on our front porch, watching the huge bolts of lightening, witnessing the vibrant colors of the turning sky, and jumping at each bolt of thunder. I remember just thinking, “how cool!”.

Tonight was a bit different.

As I heard the rain start coming down and listened to the huge pieces of hail hit our windows, my first thought was “oh no! The girls are going to wake up and be so scared!”.

The storm has passed and all is quiet now. Neither of you woke up crying for me. But, I still had to go in and check on both of you. As I glanced at you both, each sleeping contently in your own rooms and in full size beds, I once again was reminded how big you have become.
Your legs sprawl out half the length of your bed, your little faces sleeping so innocently but with a maturity I almost can’t fathom. When I was pregnant people used to always say, “enjoy it! It goes by so fast!”… And after awhile this bit of advice almost seemed to get annoying. Of course I would enjoy my precious little babies and never would I take a moment for granted. But, as repetitive as it was, it was absolutely the truth. It seems like yesterday that you were 2lbs and laying in the NICU incubator. It seems like yesterday that Daddy and I were bathing your fragile little limbs with a sponge, scared to death. I still vividly remember bringing Molly home to her sister for the first time. Daddy was working so Gaga and Pop Pop came with me to U of M. You were ready to go, you just had to pass the “car seat test”. I had never been so nervous for a test in my life. You passed and I practically ran out of the hospital, in fear they would call us back to stay. We drove home and Pop Pop helped me wash and prepare twenty bottles. When your Dad came home, I don’t even think he took a second to take his shoes off- he went running to your nursery and laid on the floor with the two of you, and cried.

How three years has passed from that day, I have no idea. Everyday you girls become bigger, smarter, funnier and more beautiful. It is a pure joy to spend every moment of the day with you. But, girls… I really need these moments to last longer. Can you stop growing up so fast… please? I want you to be my little babies forever!

I love you so much!!

PS… How would you feel if I home schooled you just from like K-12? 🙂


Is Your Baby Cousin A Boy or Girl?!

Dear Molly and Maddy,

As I type this, your Aunt Lauren and Uncle Jon are at a doctors appointment looking at your little cousin on an ultrasound! Hopefully, the doctor will be able to see if it is a boy or girl. I think their plan is to have the doctor write it down on a piece of paper, stick it in an envelope and they will open it together this weekend. This Sunday is Father’s Day so it would be a very special gift for Uncle Jon! In the meantime, we are all SO anxious to find out what it is! So, yesterday we spent some time making a video with everyone’s thoughts… Team Boy or Team Girl? We are planning to give this video to Lauren later today! You guys know what you want her to have, but hopefully we will find out for sure soon! Watch the Gender Anticipation Video we put together here:

Thanks for your help in making this video, girls!



Another Busy Day In the Books

Dear Molly and Maddy,

So, what did we do today? A lot, I guess! This morning’s main event was Maddy finding an old picture of Lauren. Maddy, you were in love with it and carried it around all morning. You said she looked like a Barbie and that you looked just like her.


After getting ready, we went over to Nana’s. We took our new scooters so we could show her how you could ride them. We had some lunch and then you both requested to go to the corner store. The four of us walked down there and bought some candy.

Afterwards, we had to head back home. My friend Carmen and your friends Carley and baby Sammi were on their way over. Carmen helped me to organize some Thirty-One bags that were delivered today from my party last weekend. Then we had another lunch and played! Carley enjoyed having a tea party outside on your swing set!


After Carley left, we stopped by Gaga’s. She had a little surgery today and you guys were very concerned. So, we went to check on her. No worries- she was doing good!

At all of our stops today, we took some videos of everyone. Tonight, I’m putting all the videos into a movie that we plan to give to Lauren tomorrow. She will find out if the baby is a boy or girl this week and I can’t wait to find out! One of you will be very bummed- Maddy, you desperately want her to have a girl, and Molly, you are definitely Team Boy! I’ll post the video tomorrow! 🙂

As always, I love you girls so much! Tomorrow, we are getting up and heading right to the pool! You have already picked out which bathing suit you will wear! Hopefully, it doesn’t rain on us!

Love you!

Twin Conversations

Dear Molly and Maddy,

Okay… so, one of my favorite things to do is to listen to you two talk to each other. Often, I will be in the room over cleaning or making dinner and I will hear you guys have a conversation together. I find myself constantly stopping what I am doing to peer in the room and just watch as you guys play or talk. It is just so cute and quite interesting! I love hearing what you guys have to talk about. Recently, I realized how quickly your speech and vocabulary is changing and how I never want to forget how you said things and what you talked about. So, I have been making an attempt to catch more of it on video.

Last Thursday, I was cleaning the house when I noticed the two of you had casually climbed into Molly’s bed and were just laying and talking to each other. So, I hit record. As you guys hung out, you were pretending to be sick, you made me laugh as you talked about pregnancy- you described having a baby in your belly and getting fat. You talked about if you liked  girl or a boy babies- this is a daily discussion as we anticipate the gender of Aunt Lauren’s baby. And you made me smile as you just casually bantered back and forth. This is how you two talked to one another at the tender age of three:


Bedtime Movie: Tangled!

Dear Molly and Maddy,

Most nights, our bedtime routine goes like this:

Jammies, brush teeth, read book, hug/kiss sister, retreat to own rooms, pick out movie, hug/kiss mom and dad, tuck in, turn movie on, fall asleep…eventually.

On some nights, you guys want to sleep together. As long as you guys agree, that’s no problem with me. Isn’t that one of the benefits of having a twin- sleepovers with your best friend anytime you want?! Tonight, was one of those nights. Molly, you requested to sleep in Maddy’s room. So, you went in and asked her if it was okay if you slept in there. Maddy, you said “sure!”. You guys typically fall asleep to a movie (yeah, I know… 3 year olds probably shouldn’t have TVs in their room, but it was my last resort and the ONLY thing that helped me to get an hour or two of sleep at night). Maddy, your all time favorite movie right now, and for the past year, has been Tangled. You watched it for the first time at Aunt Lauren’s house during a sleepover and have been completely obsessed ever since. Molly, you are usually afraid of the beginning of this movie and when you find out Maddy is watching it, you typically decide to go back to your own room. But, tonight was a little different. Molly, you decided you would be brave through the beginning of the movie. You guys were so animated over it, I had to pull out the camera! Here you guys are explaining to me, with a lot of emotion, what is happening in the movie. Clearly, you’ve seen it once or twice!

You are now an hour into the movie and I actually think you may have fallen asleep together! Most times, your “sleepovers” end with a fight and you guys going into your own rooms. But, tonight, you girls laid together so nicely. I love you guys!


Update: I was right… You guys actually fell asleep nicely together! When I came in to check on you, you seriously melted my heart!


Lucky Mommy!

Dear Molly and Maddy,

It is a yucky, rainy day today. Lauren called us to see if we wanted to go shopping with her for baby clothes. Maddy, you were super excited. Molly, you wanted to hang out with Gaga instead. So, we dropped Molly off and Maddy and I headed to the outlets with Lauren.

We have been in 5 baby stores and are now sitting in The Gap while Lauren shops for herself. Maddy, we just found a chair to sit in and I am the luckiest mom in the world right now. You are giving me a million hugs and kisses!! Lauren can take her time shopping, because I am enjoying all this lovin… We may be causing a scene with our giggles and laughter but I really don’t care! Molly, this is our last store… we’ll come pick you up soon! 🙂




Hi, babes!

A month or so ago we were at a neighbors playing. While we were there, Molly, you discovered their scooter. You have been obsessed with getting one ever since! So, this morning, I finally asked you if you wanted to go get one! Maddy, you opted to stay home and ride your bike with Dad while Molly and I went to the store. On the way there, Molly, you said “me waited so long!”
At the store, Molly, you picked out your scooter and one for Maddy, too. When we got home, Maddy was so excited that you got one for her too. She smothered you with hugs and kisses as kept saying “me like my scooter, Mau Mau!”.
As soon as we got home, the scooters were out of the box. We tore up the streets of Copperwood for awhile! It’s a perfect day to play outside- 70 degrees, cloudy and a slight breeze. After all your hard scootering work, we just came inside for lunch. Macaroni is on the stove as I type!
I’m glad you guys like your new scooters! Look how darn cute you look on them: