Twin Conversations

Dear Molly and Maddy,

Okay… so, one of my favorite things to do is to listen to you two talk to each other. Often, I will be in the room over cleaning or making dinner and I will hear you guys have a conversation together. I find myself constantly stopping what I am doing to peer in the room and just watch as you guys play or talk. It is just so cute and quite interesting! I love hearing what you guys have to talk about. Recently, I realized how quickly your speech and vocabulary is changing and how I never want to forget how you said things and what you talked about. So, I have been making an attempt to catch more of it on video.

Last Thursday, I was cleaning the house when I noticed the two of you had casually climbed into Molly’s bed and were just laying and talking to each other. So, I hit record. As you guys hung out, you were pretending to be sick, you made me laugh as you talked about pregnancy- you described having a baby in your belly and getting fat. You talked about if you liked  girl or a boy babies- this is a daily discussion as we anticipate the gender of Aunt Lauren’s baby. And you made me smile as you just casually bantered back and forth. This is how you two talked to one another at the tender age of three:

5 thoughts on “Twin Conversations

    • Each stage is definitely special… But this one is particularly fun! My girls were a little behind in their speech development, so to finally be able to communicate with them and listen as they communicate with each other is awesome. They make me laugh a hundred times a day and their different personalities are more and more evident! How old are your twins?

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