Bedtime Movie: Tangled!

Dear Molly and Maddy,

Most nights, our bedtime routine goes like this:

Jammies, brush teeth, read book, hug/kiss sister, retreat to own rooms, pick out movie, hug/kiss mom and dad, tuck in, turn movie on, fall asleep…eventually.

On some nights, you guys want to sleep together. As long as you guys agree, that’s no problem with me. Isn’t that one of the benefits of having a twin- sleepovers with your best friend anytime you want?! Tonight, was one of those nights. Molly, you requested to sleep in Maddy’s room. So, you went in and asked her if it was okay if you slept in there. Maddy, you said “sure!”. You guys typically fall asleep to a movie (yeah, I know… 3 year olds probably shouldn’t have TVs in their room, but it was my last resort and the ONLY thing that helped me to get an hour or two of sleep at night). Maddy, your all time favorite movie right now, and for the past year, has been Tangled. You watched it for the first time at Aunt Lauren’s house during a sleepover and have been completely obsessed ever since. Molly, you are usually afraid of the beginning of this movie and when you find out Maddy is watching it, you typically decide to go back to your own room. But, tonight was a little different. Molly, you decided you would be brave through the beginning of the movie. You guys were so animated over it, I had to pull out the camera! Here you guys are explaining to me, with a lot of emotion, what is happening in the movie. Clearly, you’ve seen it once or twice!

You are now an hour into the movie and I actually think you may have fallen asleep together! Most times, your “sleepovers” end with a fight and you guys going into your own rooms. But, tonight, you girls laid together so nicely. I love you guys!


Update: I was right… You guys actually fell asleep nicely together! When I came in to check on you, you seriously melted my heart!


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