Hi, babes!

A month or so ago we were at a neighbors playing. While we were there, Molly, you discovered their scooter. You have been obsessed with getting one ever since! So, this morning, I finally asked you if you wanted to go get one! Maddy, you opted to stay home and ride your bike with Dad while Molly and I went to the store. On the way there, Molly, you said “me waited so long!”
At the store, Molly, you picked out your scooter and one for Maddy, too. When we got home, Maddy was so excited that you got one for her too. She smothered you with hugs and kisses as kept saying “me like my scooter, Mau Mau!”.
As soon as we got home, the scooters were out of the box. We tore up the streets of Copperwood for awhile! It’s a perfect day to play outside- 70 degrees, cloudy and a slight breeze. After all your hard scootering work, we just came inside for lunch. Macaroni is on the stove as I type!
I’m glad you guys like your new scooters! Look how darn cute you look on them:




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