Growing Up

Dear Molly and Maddy,

It’s 1:05am and I just watched the craziest storm outside. Rain, lightening, thunder, hail, wind… It was the craziest storm I have seen in awhile.
The last storm I remember like this, your Daddy and I were living in Plymouth and you weren’t here yet. I remember sitting on the rocking chairs on our front porch, watching the huge bolts of lightening, witnessing the vibrant colors of the turning sky, and jumping at each bolt of thunder. I remember just thinking, “how cool!”.

Tonight was a bit different.

As I heard the rain start coming down and listened to the huge pieces of hail hit our windows, my first thought was “oh no! The girls are going to wake up and be so scared!”.

The storm has passed and all is quiet now. Neither of you woke up crying for me. But, I still had to go in and check on both of you. As I glanced at you both, each sleeping contently in your own rooms and in full size beds, I once again was reminded how big you have become.
Your legs sprawl out half the length of your bed, your little faces sleeping so innocently but with a maturity I almost can’t fathom. When I was pregnant people used to always say, “enjoy it! It goes by so fast!”… And after awhile this bit of advice almost seemed to get annoying. Of course I would enjoy my precious little babies and never would I take a moment for granted. But, as repetitive as it was, it was absolutely the truth. It seems like yesterday that you were 2lbs and laying in the NICU incubator. It seems like yesterday that Daddy and I were bathing your fragile little limbs with a sponge, scared to death. I still vividly remember bringing Molly home to her sister for the first time. Daddy was working so Gaga and Pop Pop came with me to U of M. You were ready to go, you just had to pass the “car seat test”. I had never been so nervous for a test in my life. You passed and I practically ran out of the hospital, in fear they would call us back to stay. We drove home and Pop Pop helped me wash and prepare twenty bottles. When your Dad came home, I don’t even think he took a second to take his shoes off- he went running to your nursery and laid on the floor with the two of you, and cried.

How three years has passed from that day, I have no idea. Everyday you girls become bigger, smarter, funnier and more beautiful. It is a pure joy to spend every moment of the day with you. But, girls… I really need these moments to last longer. Can you stop growing up so fast… please? I want you to be my little babies forever!

I love you so much!!

PS… How would you feel if I home schooled you just from like K-12? šŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Growing Up

  1. Seriously, this blog is one of the sweetest things online! I think your girls will be absolutely happy when they are old enough to read it! Thank you for sharing such loving moments!

    • Thank you! I honestly never thought anyone would see this. I didn’t even tell my family about it- it was just something I was trying to do for my girls. I thought it would be cool for them to be able to look at it when they got older and see all the little things we did each day. If it has brought a smile to anyone else, than that is a bonus I guess! A few other people have told me that they have started one for their own kids after seeing this and I think thats awesome!

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