Another fun week in the books!

Hi babies!

A few days late but we had another fun and busy week together! On Friday, Aunt Mimi came over for a sleepover! We made a huge fort, watched Tangled and ate popcorn. Afterwards, you didn’t want to go to bed… you insisted on having a dance party! So, we stayed up super late and danced! Molly, you’ll dance to anything. Maddy, you had the biggest meltdown when Destiny’s Child Bootylicious ended… so we had to replay it and replay it, over and over again! It was a fun night!

521327_10100823353719644_593589586_nThe dance party continued throughout the week. On Monday, you guys were playing quietly in the morning so I tried to sneak upstairs to make some beds. This conversation followed:

Maddy: (screaming) Mom! Mom! Hurry!!
Me: What? What do you need?
Maddy: iPad!!
Me: You NEED an iPad?
Maddy: Yeah! Really bad!
Me: Why do you need an iPad really bad?
Maddy: Uh, mom! Play music! Dance party!

The rest of the week consisted of the normal stuff- visits to Gaga’s house, to Nana’s house, and a trip out to Aunt Yun Yun’s house. Nana hadn’t seen her new house yet, so we took her out to see it. And most importantly… it was your last week of being TWO years old!! I can’t believe it!!

Love you so much!


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