July Recap!

We have been having so much fun this summer and have been so on the go that I have gotten a bit behind on my blogging! No worries! I’m going to get all caught up now and not a miss a beat come September 1st!

So, what did I forget to tell you about in July? A lot, I’m sure! As I am scrolling through my pictures on my phone, I am reminded of all the wonderful, funny things July was filled it.

We spent many weekdays at the pool. You guys are little fish! I can’t believe how much better swimmers you have become over this summer! What started as a deep fear of the big pool at the beginning of the summer, has turned into wildly jumping in on your own and treading water with only the help of your bright pink noodle, and no one else!

You became pros at riding your bikes and can now go around the entire sub! Maddy, your little legs just FLY and you are typically 20 feet ahead of us at all times. Molly, you do great.. but usually 10 houses til home you say you are too tired and want to ditch the bike. Usually, a promise of a snack when we get home keeps those feet going 🙂

Molly, you continued your love for Simba and the Lion King. More recently, you became OBSESSED with Jackson. That’s all you talk about. In fact, you ARE baby Jackson. I have to call you “baby Jackson”, you only want to eat “baby Jackson food”, and wear “baby Jackson clothes”, and so on.. and so on.. and so on. It doesn’t end. I must say, I am just as excited as the next person to meet baby Jackson, but gosh, can we give it a rest for just a day! 😉

Maddy, you were given you first make up kit from JoJo and you LOVE it. You love having rosy cheeks. You are ever so girly and love dressing up, sparkles, and can’t go a day with chipped nail polish.

We’ve gone to countless birthday parties, the beach, the zoo, graduation parties, played with neighbors, hung out with friends. Daddy barbeques every weekend and you both LOVE fish. Mommy has never tried it. Gaga and Pop Pop took you to your very first MOVIE!! You sat through the entire thing and were such good girls! Mommy and Daddy took you to your second in 3D! You didn’t sit through the entire thing and we left a bit early, after you tricked me into taking you to the bathroom about 14 times and wouldn’t stay in your seat!

Mommy and Daddy took you to your first Tigers game and we had an awesome time! Uncle Nick gave us the tickets and, fittingly, they played the Twins! Daddy was sure you had your first ballpark hotdog.

You had a playdate with your good friend Carley and I tried to sneak away while you guys played so nicely in Maddy’s room. Until I heard Maddy say, “good job, Carley!” and Molly respond with, “yeah! You paint my nails too!” UM… PAINT NAILS?! Yup… busted you three girls with three open bottles of nail polish, painting each others nails on my carpet. Miraculously there was not a single drip anywhere but your nails!

You conquered vacation Bible School; you had a sleepover with Lauren. You spent countless days at Nana’s and made her walk with you to the corner store to buy candy too many times on way too hot days. We spent many rainy days in our pajamas the entire day just being lazy. You helped me cook dinner almost every night and now have come to the habit of having your own salad with every dinner. Your speech has grown so much and you have grown up before my eyes. We had a wonderful July! Enjoy the gallery of some of my favorite July memories!

I love you!


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