Hello my lovely babies,

So, picture this. This morning I wake up to the sound of you getting out of bed. I peered out my door as I see you hold hands and walk into your playroom. I listened as you played and giggled hysterically together. I sat here for 10 minutes thinking of how awesome your laughter is, how wonderful it is to have a twin, how the best way to wake up is to the sound of your giggles… All these warm and cuddly thoughts.

Then, I walked into the playroom, my heart full of love, to go check on you and see hat all the laughter was about. This is what I found:



Really. This isn’t a joke.

I was so shocked, I didn’t even know what to say. When you noticed my presence, one of you said “Look, Mom! We’re bears!”.

I actually just walked out of the room. I went downstairs and got a drink. I had to collect my thoughts. I truly didn’t know whether to laugh or be mad. I went back upstairs and said, “GIRLS! Come here, NOW!”.

You attempted to hide for a moment, and then came, very slowly, to meet me in the hallway. You clearly knew you were in trouble- hence the look on your faces in the above photo. We proceeded to have a very long conversation about how bad that was, how we only draw on paper, and what would happen if you did it again. We FaceTimed Gaga so you could see her disappointment too. We tried Dad, but he was busy at work and didn’t answer. We then went straight to the bath- no toys, just a lot of scrubbing. And then I made you sit in the playroom and watch as I cleaned every inch of the walls. You could hear Dora in the room over and wanted to badly to go watch cartoons, but you had to sit and watch.

You felt so bad that when we met Gaga at the pool later, you wouldn’t even look at her when we walked in. You were ashamed. But, of course that only lasted a minute before you were in Gaga’s lap.

Honestly, as bad as this was- this picture is hilarious. And the utter shock I felt when I walked into that playroom was quite comical too. I mean it was everywhere- the windows, closet, electrical outlets, every single wall, ever inch of your body… but I couldn’t help to fight to hold back my “omg’s” and laughter.  I mean, come on- how insane is this picture?!

Thank goodness Crayola markers really are washable. And thank goodness you girls are so darn cute!!

And for anyone wondering- a mixture of water and a bit of vinegar wiped all the walls clean! 🙂

I love you always,


2 thoughts on “OMG.

    • I thought about throwing all of our markers out, but then I realized crayons on walls might be worse! Better for clothes and carpet.. but I don’t know about walls! Hopefully, this will be the first and last time I have to deal with this though! 🙂

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