Labor Day Weekend!

Dear Molly and Maddy,

What a weekend we had! Dad took Friday off from work so we had an extra long weekend! On Friday, Daddy took you guys fishing in the morning! He took you girls to get your own real fishing pools, then to his favorite pond. I decided to hang back and clean up the house so you could have some special daddy/daughter time. And guess what?! You caught a fish!! I’ll have to get the picture off Daddy’s phone and update it here soon 🙂 We kinda just hung out most of the day. Daddy BBQ’d some fish and shrimp. You both tried shrimp for the first time and loved it! And we ended the night with an awesome dance party! 🙂


On Saturday, we hung out for most of the day and then… we went to the fair!! The state fair was this weekend and it was full of farm animals, carnival rides and the Shrine circus. We checked out all the farm animals, watched a few minutes of a horse show, and then hit the carnival. You guys are carnival pros by now, and this Saturday was no exception. You went on just about every ride you could! After about an hour, we walked over to catch the circus show. We ended up leaving about halfway through- there were no tigers or elephants this year, and Mommy didn’t like watching how they whipped the horsies 😦 So, we went back out to ride more rides! We ran into your friends Carley and Sammi there, too! After hours of rides, you girls were getting T-I-R-E-D! So, we got an elephant ear and called it a night! It didn’t take but a few minutes for you to fall asleep once you hit your sheets!


On Sunday, we decided to play school after breakfast. We worked on your alphabet for a little bit and you guys got A-E down pat! After playing “school”, Daddy and I planned to take you girls real school clothes shopping! We hit up a few stores and got you guys a LOT of clothes! We had planned on going to a few more stores when we got a phone call from Bubba. He was wondering what time we’d be at the BBQ. BBQ?! Um, I thought that was on Monday! Oops…. Mommy really does try to be as organized as possible, but sometimes I am known to get some dates mixed up. So, we made a beeline out the door, ran home to freshen up and met Bubba and Didi at Aunt Dawn’s BBQ! We had a good time- there was a ton of food and a lot of family we don’t see to often. Afterwards, Lauren came over. We planned to have a bonfire but when we realized we didn’t have any marshmallows to roast, we nixed that idea! Instead, we cuddled up in Maddy’s bed with some popcorn and Lauren’s growing baby belly, and watched the Wizard of Oz!


Being silly in the car on the way to Aunt Dawn's!

Being silly in the car on the way to Aunt Dawn’s!



The weekend didn’t end there… on Monday, we relaxed in the morning while Daddy did the grocery shopping. Once he got home, we put the groceries away and went to the CIDER MILL!! I LOVE the cider mill! It is a fall essential… like every weekend! It’s a sad reminder that summer is just about over, but it brings such awesome memories and fun times. We loaded up on donuts and cider… I think we ate over a half dozen before we even got to the parking lot! 🙂 YUM! We went from the cider mill over to Nana’s house where Nana, Nick, Gaga, Pop Pop, Adam, Mimi, Lauren and Jon were all hanging out. Uncle Jon BBQ’d some chicken, steak, burgers, and corn on the cob and we  had a lovely Labor Day BBQ. The weather was perfect sitting on the deck weather. You guys walked to the store to candy, swung on the swings, went on a pirate hunt and collected leaves, ate, and had a good laugh making up silly nicknames for everyone (like Gogo Butter, and Coco Butt)! Don’t ask me where these words come from- this week you are having a ball making up goofy words!


We came home to have a bath, read books and go to bed. It was an awesome 4 day weekend filled with family and fun. And it was certainly filly with more hugs, kisses and cuddles than normal… and you normally get a lot anyway. I’m nervously anticipating your upcoming first day of preschool and am trying to get in every second of loving that I can!

More on preschool soon… I don’t want to think about it anymore today!

Love you!


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