We survived Vacation Bible School!!

Dear Molly and Maddy,

What a week! Monday-Thursday you went to Vacation Bible School! I was really excited to sign you up for it- I thought it would be great practice for preschool and it also at the same place where Gaga, Jojo and Uncle Doug went to school, and where I had attended Vacation Bible school when I was little! I was anticipating that it might be a little difficult for you the first couple days. But what I was not anticipating was how difficult it would be for ME!

On Sunday night, I could not fall asleep! I have basically been with you guys 24 hours a day since the day you born (of course, you go to family’s houses sometimes.. but you know what I mean). You’ve never stepped foot into a daycare or had to be dropped off anywhere.  I am used to knowing every single thing you do in a day. When I realized that I would be dropping you off at this school, with people you don’t know, and a teacher who is probably in charge of 20 other kids too, terrified me! What if they couldn’t understand what you were saying? What if you were too scared to ask them to go to the bathroom and had an accident? What if another kid was mean to you? What if you cried for me the entire time?!

I eventually feel asleep and my alarm went off in the morning, I felt like my heart was in my stomach! But, I quietly went downstairs and made you breakfast. I woke you guys up and carried you back downstairs and sat you at the table. You gobbled up your cereal and drank your orange juice. I had already laid out your clothes the night before- they were waiting for us on the kitchen table. So, we got your dressed, did your hair… and we were ready to go. Daddy had actually gone into work for a few hours on Saturday to get some things done so he could come with me to drop you off! So, the 4 of us headed out the door.

I pumped you guys up the whole way there, talking about all the cool things you would do. We signed you in, and walked into the gym with you. We were actually quite early so we hung out and looked around and you guys seemed to get pretty excited! When all the kids started arriving, you girls gave us hugs and kisses and, Molly, you said “okay, mom! leave now! bye!”.

What?! Umm.. okay. So, your Dad and I watched as you walked in and sat in the gym with all the other kids. Neither of us really wanted to leave- and we stood there for another 5 minutes watching to makes sure you were okay. You didn’t look back, you were taking in all of your surrounds, so we finally decided we should go. And we did. Dad went to work, and I started to drive home. My plan was to clean the house and take a shower and go back to pick you up. On the way home, my stomach hurt so bad! I got home and felt lost! I had to pep talk myself into getting up and cleaning so I could go back and get you. I had thrown in laundry, prepared dinner, cleaned the house, taken a shower and stopped at the post office and it still wasn’t 12:00 yet! Ugh… I missed my babies! Finally, it was time to get you!

When I got there, a woman came right up to me and said, “oh my gosh!” As I looked at her quizzically, she went on to tell me how they almost called because you both were screaming and crying so hard after I left. Ugh!  My heart sank when I heard that! I guess, eventually you had calmed down when the pastors wife, Lisa, came over to talk to you. You stayed attached to her the rest of the time!

Needless to say, on Tuesday I was not looking forward to dropping you off. But, I knew I had to help you guys conquer this. You are big, brave girls now and you have each other. In just a few weeks you will be going to preschool and, as much as I don’t want you to, you need to become a bit more independent from me. Tuesday was a little better. We talked about it on the way there and you guys said if you could take your favorite stuffed animals in then you wouldn’t cry. Molly, you took Simba and Maddy, you took Nala. Molly- you held your Simba tight and walked right in! Maddy- you not so much. You were glued to my leg and crying. Do you have any idea how hard that was for me?! Miss Lisa came over and picked you up, and I gave you a kiss and left. HARDEST THING EVER! Wednesday was slightly better- you cried just a little but recovered quickly. And Thursday- guess what? NO CRYING! Maddy, you were about to, but Molly came over to you and said “Come on, sissy. Hold my hand”. You guys grabbed hands and walked in together. And that was it!

When I picked you up on Thursday, we enjoyed a little concert and an ice cream social. You got to bring home all the special projects you made all week. Oh, I should mention, although dropping you off was hard- I can’t believe how you acted when I came to pick you up each day. You did not come running to me. You did not even want to leave! I guess it wasn’t me being gone, it was just me leaving that was hard. But, I guess you got over that quickly!

All and all, it was a major success. You got a little taste of being away from me and know that I will always pick you up. You got to socialize with other kids your age, make lots of fun crafts and learn about God. Hopefully, this will have been good preparation for preschool… which, I must admit, I am NOT looking forward to. What am I going to do all day?! I can’t believe how quickly you are growing up. I wish you were still my babies! But, you are growing into two of the most beautiful, smartest, funniest little girls and I am excited to see what each new stage brings.






I love you!



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