Weekly Recap

Dear Girls,

I got a little far behind in writing to you. Sorry! We have just been so busy! The week before last was filled with rainy skies and lazy days! I think we spent most of Monday hanging around the house and cleaning. Tuesday was laundry day. When I ask you if you like to clean, your response is always “no! boring!”. Girls, I totally agree… but sometimes, it has to be done. Wednesday cleared up enough for us to go to our neighbor’s birthday party. Donnie turned 4 and he had a Road Rally throughout our sub! We decorated our wagon and joined in on the parade of bikes, strollers, wagons, and power wheels throughout the streets. We ended at his house where we had snacks and cake! It was fun!



Thursday, Mimi and Lauren met us at the pool. We didn’t stay long… the rain clouds were rolling back in and he headed home. Lauren and Mimi came back with us and we made smoothies, popcorn and watched a movie! What movie, you might be wondering? Well, there is only one movie being played at our house right now… LION KING!! Molly, you are OBSESSED!! Totally obsessed! My friend Pizzo gave you a Lion King book at my softball game and you were so excited you gave her a hug. She couldn’t believe it, as you had never given her a hug before! So, the next day, she showed up to our house with the Lion King DVD. I think we have watched it about 3 times a day since! You know the entire movie by heart now and are completely in love with Simba! I’ll add a video here in the morning!





The next day, we went with Nana and Nick out to Great Lakes Crossing. Nick wanted to go to a store out there and I thought it would be a lot of fun to tag along and have lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe! To my surprise, there was a Disney Store there! So, of course he had to go and see if they had any Lion King things. They only had ONE Lion King item left in the store- a set of figurines. So, we snatched it up! Maddy, you are still in love with Tangled, so you got a new nightgown and Rapunzel doll. Clearly, it was a very successful shopping trip!





The week just continued to get better! Over the weekend, Daddy and I took you to a carnival! You girls were so excited. Dad and I were a little sad though- you girls were big enough to ride the rides BY YOURSELF!! What?! How are our little babies big enough to go on rides alone?! I just cannot believe how fast you are growing and how quickly time is passing. It is sad and exciting all at the same time. While we were there, we ran into my friend Amy and her son Blake. You three spent hours riding all the rides at the carnival and had so much fun!


IMG_2654 IMG_2639


Except for the Crocodile Rollercoaster. That was not so much fun. In fact, Molly screamed “STOPPPP!!” at the top her lungs until the operator stopped the ride and let you guys off!



Despite some rainy days and that stupid Crocodile roller coaster, we had a blast this week! And I love you so much!



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