A Memorial Day Weekend To Remember

Dear Molly and Maddy,
Last weekend was Memorial Day weekend and, boy, was it jammed packed with fun!
Daddy took Friday off so he could have four straight days at home with us! On Friday, we decided to drive down to Toledo, Ohio and check out the Toledo Zoo! None of us had ever been there before and I have always heard how much better it was than the Detroit Zoo. Truth be told, I am not sure it was really so much better, but we certainly had a great time! After the zoo, we came home and Daddy BBQ’d a yummy dinner. Saturday, we had Bubba, DiDi and Google over for dinner. We had a feast of food, you got to decorate cupcakes with Google, and we all had a wonderful time.
On Sunday, we took you to your first Tigers game!! I think I was probably more excited than you. But, that’s not to say you weren’t excited! It was the perfect day for it. Not too hot, not too cold. We enjoyed your first ballpark hotdog, watches a few innings of the game, walked around and then left a little early to hit a BBQ at Nana’s house. At Nana’s, we ate and played badminton. Afterwards, we went home and joined in on the neighborhood party. You girls played with all your friends, jumped in the bounce house and roasted marshmallows.
What a weekend we had! It was busy but so much fun! Full of family and firsts, it will be a weekend I’ll never forget!

… More pictures to come tomorrow, but here is a sneak peak!










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