The last two days…

My dearest babies,

I really do love you sooo much. You are so funny, you are smart, you are beautiful, you make me laugh, you make my heart literally feel warm…. you are pretty close to perfect. The only thing holding you back from being perfect, you ask? YOUR SLEEPING! My gosh, can I get a break around here?

Since I brought you home nearly three years ago, the two of you have woken me up roughly 3-5 times a night. I can count on one hand how many times I slept through the night, and on those nights you were likely sleeping over Aunt Lauren’s house. I am tired!! I tried it all, from CIO to crib tents, and everything in between. When we moved to our new house we transitioned from cribs to toddler beds. More recently, about two weeks ago, we transitioned to big girl beds! You have shared a room together your entire lives. Now, you each have your own room with your own full size bed. We tried to sleep in the big girl beds a few months ago. You weren’t quite ready. You would fight, scream, terrorize, play, destroy, etc for hours before you finally passed out or I put you in the car to drive around for a half hour before you fell asleep. Here is one example of what would happen after tucking you into your big, comfy beds:Image

It just wasn’t working out. 🙂 So, we waited a few months, we painted your room, we bought new furniture, and we made the “big girl beds”super exciting!

ImageThe first week was a-mazing! You preferred to sleep together in Molly’s room (I’m assuming because Maddy’s room is still waiting to be painted). You both actually got in the bed, picked out a movie and eventually fell asleep. And then, I’m not sure what happened. This past week you’ve decided it would be more fun if I stayed in your room all night. So, you quickly learned to really butter me up to try and make me stay:

“Mommy, cuddle! Mommy, you cute. Mommy, babe. Mommy best ever!”

“Me love Mommy too! Mommy cuddle!”

Girls, I would love to cuddle you to sleep every once in awhile. But some nights, I have to actually do things. And you don’t really cuddle; you move around all the time, kick me, talk, get up, get down…. and if I cuddle one night then you want me to cuddle every night! And when I can’t stay and cuddle, I really can’t accomplish anything because all I hear is my name being screamed from your room.

Girls, mommy is tired. Can you sleep like big girls? Oh, and the last two mornings of getting up at 7:30am needs to stop immediately. I just can’t.

And, needless to say… the last two days were fun of course… but they were a little longer than normal! We had like four hours of sleep on Monday! And not much more last night. Yesterday we just hung around the house and went to Nana’s for a few hours. Today, we checked out Lifetime Fitness and stopped at Gaga’s… but, you got pretty crabby today. It’s because you don’t sleep. Again, that means I don’t sleep. Please… START SLEEPING!!

I still think you are <this close> to perfect… and I love you namuch!! Hug, Kiss! 🙂



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