Parties, Carnivals and Family!

Hi Girls!

What a weekend we had! On Saturday, we went to a graduation party. It was for someone in Nana’s family and was all the way out in Hillsdale! We picked up Nana at 1:00 and hit the expressway for an hour and twenty minute drive. You guys fell asleep pretty early into it. Once we got there, we got to see Nana’s sister, Aunt Ann. She has 11 or 12 kids and they all have a ton of kids themselves! Can you imagine?! We saw a lot of other family members that we don’t get to see often. I think Nana was happy that we joined her! We had lots of good food and dessert and headed home a few hours later!



When we got home, Daddy started up the BBQ and we ate a very yummy meal! He had gotten chicken for us and fish for him, but you guys ended up loving his fish! I’ve never tried fish before (and don’t plan to anytime soon) so I stuck with the chicken! After dinner, I realized there was a summer carnival going on in town. SUMMER CARNIVAL?! Yes, please! So, we got our shoes on and into the car!

You girls had a BLAST! After going to the Northville carnival a few weeks ago, you were a seasoned pro. You went on all the rides without fear. But, your favorite part was the FUN HOUSE! This thing was huge! I really didn’t think you would make it all the way through. I thought for sure you would realize how high you were and make me come up there and get you. But, boy, was I wrong! As soon as you finished, you both yelled “one more time?!”. And then one more time and one more time after that. I think you probably went through that fun house about 20 times! Finally, at almost 10:00pm, we had to get you girls home!!


Sunday was another lovely day, too. We went to Bubba and Didi’s house for swimming and a BBQ. Aunt Dawn, Uncle Mark and Google came too. It was only last weekend since you first learned how to swim by yourselves (and a life jacket) in Bubba’s pool, and you guys surprised us yet again! Swimming from end to end, jumping in, floating on your backs and twirling all around… you girls were crazy! While we waited for dinner, you requested I drew chalk with you guys. Ten minutes later, I had drawn (at least TRIED to draw) every single character in the Lion King! haha… guess I should have paid better attention in art class! You guys liked it though!


On the way home from Bubba’s, we stopped at Gaga’s house. Gaga, Pop Pop and Mimi were gone all weekend for Mimi’s softball tournament and you guys were missing her bad! As she was you! It’s so funny- you go 2 or 3 days without seeing her and you act like it’s been a year!

I’m looking forward to another fun week with you girls. We have some fun things coming up! Can’t wait to write about them!

Love you,


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