What A Week!

Dear Molly and Maddy,

Another fun week is in the books! The weather was beautiful all week. We spent most days in our bathing suits, with family, or both. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent at the pool ad with Gaga, you spent much of the day hanging out with Aunt Lauren on Thursday, and Friday your friend Carley invited you to the splash park at Kensington! We also spent some evening nights at the high school track. While Mommy ran and exercised, you ran around and played! The track sure tires you out- those nights you fell asleep the second you hit the sheets!







Saturday was super fun too! Daddy came with us for the first time to the pool! You were so excited to show him your pool and all the things you can do now! You are so brave in the water! You are getting to be pros on your kick boards and going under the water!


Today (Sunday) was so fun-filled, I think it deserves its own post… Which is coming up next!

Love you!

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