Happy Birthday, Uncle Doug!

Dear Molly and Maddy,

I’m a little behind in my updates this week! Per usual, it’s been a busy week!

On Monday, we went over to Nana’s house. It was Uncle Doug’s birthday. Every year on his birthday, she makes him his favorite cake. So, we went over to enjoy a piece of it.
I so wish you would have been able to meet Uncle Doug. He was the epitome of cool. Doug was Gaga’s only brother. He very sadly passed, or went up to the sky as you would call it, when I was in high school. It was one of the hardest things I have ever experienced. But, despite him leaving us too soon, he sure did leave a huge imprint on all of our lives.
He drove a black Mustang convertible and was the reason I insisted on getting a Mustang when I turned 16, too. He had this thing hanging from the rear view mirror- it was a red bandana with feathers and other little things intwined within it. I’m not sure why I thought it was so cool, but I did. When I got my first car, I asked him to make one for me. He didn’t… So, I tried making my own and it hung from my mirror for years. He was very good looking, with slick black hair, a few cool tattoos, and always tanned. He claimed to teach me how to walk at a bowling alley (I’m not sure if Gaga goes along with this story). He was a bit of a rebel, but had one of the biggest hearts you would have ever encountered. He was Nana’s little boy, and the best uncle I ever had. But, he liked to mess with me a bit. Looking back, I realize it was probably out of love and good fun. But he would always smack the back of head whenever I walked by him… And, boy, did it piss me off! But, boy, do I miss him. You would have loved him and he would have absolutely adored you. As you get older, I will tell you all about him!

Anyways, as soon as we got to Nana’s, you guys got down on a piece of his cake. Or more like two or three pieces! After cake and lunch, we decided to make a day of it at Nana’s and we set up the slip n slide. I thought you’d be a little shy on it like previous years, but I was mistaken! You girls were wild! Upside down, face first… You certainly weren’t scared! And, as always, Papa had white butterflies flying around and circling the slip n slide, to let us know he was there. It was a fun day!






And, once again, I was reminded how quickly you are growing up! One year sure goes by quickly!


Happy 50th birthday, Uncle Doug!

Love you girls!



3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Uncle Doug!

    • Papa (Pa)is my grandpa, their great grandfather! He was the best ever and he seriously adored them! We are so lucky he got to be such a major part of their first few years, but I miss him terribly! (He passed a year and a half ago.) My Nana and Pa live only a few minutes away and we spend a lot of time at their house! Luckily, he gives us signs constantly and the girls often tell me how they “see” him or have dreams about him, so we know he is still close to us! šŸ™‚

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