Shh… Don’t Tell Anyone!

Okay, so yesterday I decided to make a probably poor (but fun) parenting decision. Our mailbox is at the front of our sub. Once all the houses are done being built, then we will get a mailbox at each house. Until then, to the front of the sub we go. So, yesterday I was expecting something in the mail and wanted to go check the mailbox. I asked you if you wanted to sit on my lap and drive down there…. !!! Your eyes lit up like Christmas morning and you ran to get dressed! Excited is an understatement. We decided, Molly, you would drive to the mailbox, then, Maddy, you could drive home. We barely got out of the driveway when, Molly, you said the steering wheel was too cold for your hands. It was pretty cold out that day. I guess we should have brought gloves. Oh, well… next time. So, we pulled over and switched. Maddy, when you got to the drivers seat you were squealing with excitement! I was cracking up at your driving skills… I really hope none of our neighbors were looking out their windows because they would have thought I was drunk at 10am! Molly, you were being a total nut and dancing crazy in the passenger seat. You guys are too much fun. Anyways, we got the mail, we drove home and you made me promise that you could drive to the mailbox again one day. So, I promise, you can do it again.

Oh, and don’t tell anyone 😉 I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who has done this, and of course it was only in our sub… but still, let’s just keep it between us 🙂



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