March 13, 2012

Hey loves!

What did we do today? Not much, really. You girls slept in so late (see the video from last night and you’ll know why)! So, we hung out, watched Cinderella, and you requested oatmeal and bananas for a very late breakfast. I spent half the day very frustrated and on hold with Comcast and AT&T trying to fix our internet and cell phone service. After way too long, I gave up and we decided to go to Nana’s. She made soup yesterday and we wanted the leftovers 🙂 She also made chicken and a new macaroni and cheese recipe. Then you guys had candy, followed by ice cream and cookies. You guys just don’t stop eating. After hanging out there for awhile we left and swung by Gaga’s. She said you could hang out there for a little bit so I could go home and get a few things done. The number one item on my to do list: take an uninterrupted shower! I don’t get to do that often! So, I did, then you came home and we had pizza, played and went to bed. Not a whole lot accomplished today, but we had fun. Oh, and a new pope got elected. And you learned how to do “the wave”.

Getting ready to leave Nana's house, you decided to taste her door! You said it tastes like ice cream... weirdos! haha :)

Getting ready to leave Nana’s house, you decided to taste her door! You said it tastes like ice cream… weirdos! haha 🙂

Tomorrow is a big day… I’M REGISTERING YOU FOR PRE-SCHOOL!! Like, real legit pre-school. I cannot believe you are old enough to go to pre-school. Seriously, time is just flying by. I’ll try to make a video on the way there and post it tomorrow!

Love you big girls!


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