Sleepover At Aunt Yun Yun’s!!

Hi babies!

These days, the moment I say the word “sleepover” you dart upstairs and start packing a bag! You LOVE having sleepovers! Every few weeks, Lauren usually asks to have you spend the night at her house. You love going to hang out with her for a night! Last Saturday was no different! Lauren called to let us know that it would be a Princess sleepover! She was the one who introduced you to your current favorite movie (Tangled) and tonight she had a surprise for you- she bought a new movie: Cinderella! So, we packed all the things a princess would need and waited for Lauren to come pick you up!

From the sounds of it, you guys had a blast! You put on your princess dresses as soon as you got there. Lauren texted me not long after saying my princesses weren’t acting like princesses! Your princess dresses (which are a few sizes too big) suddenly became “too tight” before dinner and you insisted on eating naked. (For the record, everything is “too tight” these days- bandaids, clothes, your hair, your teeth…. )


Luckily, she convinced you to get into your jammies before Uncle Jon got home. You guys then got to make special ice cream sundae’s, cuddle up in Lauren’s bed and watch your movie! Lucky girls!!


I love how excited you get to go over there and how much fun you get to have with your awesome Aunt YunYun. But, I also love picking you up in the morning… as much as I enjoy a few hours to myself, I MISS you guys when you aren’t here!!

Love you!


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