Girls Night Out On The Town!

Hi baby loves!

Tonight, Daddy made plans to go with his friend, Steve, to Autorama. I don’t think we were technically invited… but we wouldn’t have wanted to go anyways! 🙂 We decided to have a GIRLS NIGHT and hit the town!!

Aunt Mimi came with us. We first had dinner at China Cafe (I love that you love chinese food as much as I do!). The owner, Suzanne, knew you had just had a birthday so she brought us over a special birthday dessert after our meal! So nice of her.


After dinner we headed to Fountain Walk. We went to the pet store and, Maddy, you fell in LOVE with a puppy! I was surprised because you both are normally pretty scared of dogs. But not this little white fluffy puppy! You giggled and played with it for awhile and wanted to take it home so bad. But, I was able to convince you the doggy needed to go to bed and I promised we’d come back to see it.

After the pet store, we hit up Lucky’s to run around and play games at the arcade. You guys had so much fun… and it actually worked out pretty well for me, too. You don’t even need any tokens- as long as you could sit at the game you thought you were really playing! So, it was free and fun! We ended with Coldstone ice cream. Maddy, you picked cake batter ice cream with gummy bears. Molly, you had chocolate with gummy bears. We hung out an Gaga’s for awhile after we dropped Mimi off. It was a late night! You both passed out within 5 minutes of getting home! I worry about my future though- you girls LOVE being “out on the town”. You never want to go home. You both told me you wanted to stay out on the town “all night! no sleep ever!”


Thanks for a fun night!!



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