Story Time at the Library!

Last Wednesday, we went with our neighbor friends (Heidi, Ryan & Brad and Erika & Sammi) to check out Story Time at the Novi Library! It was a lot of fun! You guys love the Novi Library. It’s pretty awesome! There’s so much to do there- toys, puzzles, books, computers, and lots more. This was our first story time and I definitely think we’ll make a habit out of it. The teacher read a couple books, you sang a couple songs and even got some instruments to play along with. I look forward to going back next week! Here’s some pictures of your first Story Time!

Afterwards, we stopped by Nana’s house. She was reading some of the things you brought home from Story Time to you along with all the new books you checked out! Here’s a little video I snuck. Nana does not like her picture taken and always darts when she see’s my phone out.. but I sneak them when I can 🙂

Love you!


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