Big Girl Gymnastics!

Dear Molly and Maddy,

Last fall you guys took a tumbling class that a local cheerleading studio put together for you and your friends. Now that you are three, I thought we would try a real “big girl” gymnastics class! We went to MEGA Gymnastics in Novi for your first class. You guys looked freakin’ adorable and were so excited!





However… things changed once we got there! At the tumbling class, I was able to go in with you. This was different. We talked the whole way there about how Mommy had to sit in a chair and watch, and that I couldn’t come in with you. You both were pumped up and had no problem with the idea. When we got there, Molly- you were hesitant and I could tell you were a little scared but you did it. You went in with the other girls, you listened to your teacher and you did everything you were supposed to! Maddy- you weren’t so brave this time. You would not go in and stayed attached to my leg the entire hour crying! Molly, you were so proud of yourself. And I was proud of you too! Maddy, you vowed that next time you would go in. And that is fine too! At least you got to check the place out and see what it was all about. You told me you were scared- Molly you said you were a little bit scared- because you really have never been away from me before (aside from going to family’s houses). So, we’ll work on it! You do both love gymnastics and leotards and somersaults, though!

Here’s a few pictures:

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