Best Laughs Ever!

Dear Molly and Maddy,

On Saturday, as we were laying outside waiting for the fireworks to start, you girls were entertaining us all. You know all about how when you were a baby, you were sick and had to stay in the hospital for a long time. You know about your feeding tubes and surgeries. As a result, you girls love to play “doctor”. But, you probably don’t play doctor like most other three year olds. It usually involves one of you laying down saying “me sicky”, while the other takes her temperature, pretends to put a feeding tube in her nose, and gives her medicine through it… then you both jump up, switch, and do the whole thing again. Over, and over, and over! Well, as we waited for the fireworks, you girls wanted to pretend Daddy was the sicky baby. As you pretended to put a tube in his nose and he squirmed, you girls laughed so hard. Your laughter is so contagious, you had the rest of us cracking up. I love your laughs!!

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