Snow Family!

Dear Molly and Maddy,


I am a few days behind here… but one day last week, we were expecting a lot of snow so we made plans for a snow day! You guys both wanted to make snowmen! Come to think of it, it really was your first real snowmen! Mimi and her friend Tyler (you call him TyTy) came over to help! Maddy said she wanted to build 14 snowmen! But, we ended up settling with a mommy, daddy and two baby twins! You guys bundled up and headed out with Mimi while I quickly did a load of laundry. Two minutes later I heard the doorbell and two little voices screaming for me. I hurried to the door to see what was the matter. You were standing there frantically shouting for scarves- your snowmen were cold! So we hooked up the snow family with hats, scarves, and purses/bows for the little girls. We also happened to be out of carrots… so we used strawberries and chocolate chips to make our snowmen! Good job, girlies! Afterwards, we went to the backyard and played on the swing set! You were having so much fun you didn’t want to come in… I had to lure you with hot chocolate!

It’s been a week now and the snowmen still adorn our front yard. You say bye to them every time we pull out of our driveway!





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