First Fitness Class!

Dear Molly and Maddy,

I forgot to post… last Friday, you guys went to your first fitness class. I can’t even tell you how many times I was asked if you were twins…. I think I might start telling people no and watch them try to figure it out… haha! Anyways, a local fitness studio was hosting a free Wee Fit class so we went to check it out. There were a few stations set up with trampolines and tunnels and basketballs. The class ended with sitting in a circle and singing some songs. You called today’s outing an “adventure” and told me all about how Dora and Diego go on adventures. Afterwards, we went out to lunch. A total stranger asked me if they could take your picture because they thought you were so cute. Molly told her no before I could even respond! Haha! You guys are too funny. Anyways, we had a fun day!IMG_0493Love,


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