Last Saturday, your Daddy and I took you to see ELMO LIVE!! I think I know we were probably more excited than you guys on the way there! After stopping at Coney Island for some grub, we jumped on the expressway anxious to get there early! And only 5 minutes into our drive, I hear a “Mommy, me pee pee”. OMG!

“Molly, do you have to go on the potty?”


“Can it wait til we get there?”


We pulled over at the very next exit, ran into a Big Boy restaurant, ushered you into the bathroom… and after looking around at the decor, you decided you could hold it after all! Really, Molly?! So, back on the road we went. We pulled in the parking garage and excitedly awoke the two sleeping beauties who had dozed off in the car. As soon as we walked into the Fox Theatre, the sleepiness had worn off! Daddy, of course, had purchased the best tickets he could.. 6th row, center… and you were excited to be there! Daddy bought you lots of goodies, light up things, candy; Mommy took you on 4 trips to the bathroom and spent the whole time watching/capturing your reaction. I don’t think I saw more than 30 seconds of the show! Instead, I had more fun watching you girls dance and seeing the expressions on your face! It was the first experience you had ever had with a live show. We haven’t even tried the movie theater yet. Two hours later, on our way home, we all had a blast and it was worth every penny! Can’t wait to go back next year! I’m so glad you girls had fun!



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